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Revealed: ‘New criminal trend’ is now KILLING motorists in Gauteng

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It has been confirmed that the lethal criminal trend of ‘spiking’ has led to the deaths of three innocent people. These details were made public by Gauteng MEC Faith Mazibuko, after she was questioned about the practice during a Q&A session in the Provincial Legislature. The statistics make for a very uncomfortable read…

Gauteng Traffic Police have called on the public to help in identifying the syndicate responsible for the spiking of vehicles on the province’s roads #sabcnews #FirstTakeSA

— First Take SA #FirstTakeSA (@FirstTakeSA) June 7, 2021

What is spiking?

The act sees criminals place spikes on the road during the nighttime, with the intention of robbing victims when they have to conduct an emergency stop due to burst tyres. It’s simple, but devastatingly effective – and local branches of law enforcement are struggling to deal with this frightening phenomenon:

– Faith Mazibuko has confirmed that three people have lost their lives in spiking incidents.

– A total of 149 cases have been reported on the province’s highways so far.

– From that, only six arrests have been made by the authorities.

– It gets worse. There have been ZERO CONVICTIONS for spiking in the past three years.

Gauteng MPLs demand intervention on highways

The three lives lost are three too many for DA MPL Michael Shackleton. He’s also the shadow MEC for community safety, and in a statement released on Tuesday, he demanded a set of interventions to make Gauteng’s roads safer.

“Three innocent lives have been lost at the hands of criminals who are placing spikes along the N4 highway, a clear indication that Gauteng motorists’ lives are in danger and raises great concern about the ability of police to ensure their safety while driving at night. Gauteng motorists already do not feel safe considering the increased rate of crime.”

“Not only do these roads spikes risk the lives of motorists who drive over them, motorists of oncoming traffic are also in danger should a victim swerve. Gauteng Traffic Police must be declared an essential service, to ensure 24-hour policing of roads. We also demand the installation of streetlights on all our highways – for the safety of our motorists.”

Michael Shackleton

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