Retract And Apologize Over State Capture Claims- Freddie Blay Tells Ablakwa, TV3

Freddie Blay


Former National Chairman of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP), Freddy Blay, has issued a stern ultimatum to North Tongu MP, Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa, TV3’s Johnnie Hughes and management of the station, demanding a retraction and apology within one week for what he deems as baseless accusations of state capture against him and his family.

The GNPC Board Chair expressed outrage over allegations linking his family to purported nefarious activities involving state assets, vehemently refuting claims of impropriety in their acquisition of beachfront property.

In response to accusations of involvement in an alleged scheme of state capture tied to the Labadi Beach Hotel beachfront, Mr. Blay asserted that his children lawfully secured portions of the beachfront from the La Council, emphasizing that their operations were independent of the hotel’s jurisdiction.

Mr. Blay accused the North Tongu MP of orchestrating a smear campaign aimed at tarnishing his family’s reputation, denouncing the allegations as groundless propaganda intended to incite public condemnation against his sons.

The controversy surrounding the ownership and utilization of the Labadi Beach Hotel beachfront escalated following Mr. Ablakwa’s assertions implicating high-ranking NPP officials, including Mr. Blay’s sons, in what he characterized as illicit land encroachment at the iconic entertainment venue.

Contrary to the accusations levied by Mr. Ablakwa, Mr. Blay clarified that negotiations between his children and the Beach management faltered due to conflicting financial terms, prompting them to seek legal avenues for acquiring the beachfront for their legitimate business activities. Dismissing claims of complicity in state capture, Mr. Blay contended that insinuations propagated by Mr. Ablakwa and certain media personnel, such as Johnnie Hughes and the management of TV3, were unwarranted and prejudicial to his family’s integrity.

In light of the damaging implications arising from the allegations of state capture, Mr. Blay demanded a public retraction and apology from Mr. Ablakwa, Johnnie Hughes, and TV3 management within a week to redress the reputational harm inflicted on his family. Emphasizing the egregious nature of the accusations and their injurious impact on his personal and familial standing, Mr. Blay warned of potential legal recourse should the requested apologies not forthcoming.

By Vincent Kubi

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