Residents surrender 10 firearms days after attack on police officers

Residents of Daaba in Ngaremara ward have surrendered 10 illegal firearms to the Isiolo County Security team following an extensive police operation.

Police officers have camped in the region for the last five days in search of bandits who recently attacked police officers at Makinya along the Isiolo-Meru border.

Security has also been heightened after the attack where GSU Officers from Mariara police station in Igembe North and their Anti Stock Theft Unit counterparts based at Bullu who were responding to distress calls were attacked.

Isiolo County Commissioner Herman Shambi has lauded the move to surrender the illegal weapons, and called on those still in possession of such weapons to surrender them before the ongoing operation catches up with them.

Shambi said that the 10 firearms will be subjected to ballistic investigations to ascertain if they are the exact weapons used in the recent bandit attack on police officers.

According to the administrator, if the guns are ascertained to be the ones used during the attack, their owners must then take responsibility of the despicable act perpetrated on innocent police officers who were on their usual patrol operation.

Shambi said that the ongoing police operation will not stop until all those who were behind the attack are brought to book.

He hailed Ngaremara area residents for their cooperation with the security agents conducting the operation, noting that names of those suspected to have taken part in the ambush have already been forwarded.

Isiolo County Police Commander Joseph Kigen however cast doubts on the condition of the surrendered guns, noting that only two or three of them were functional, while the rest were old and defective.

According to Kigen, the surrendered weapons include three AK 47 Rifles, one G3 Rifle, Four M16 Rifles, and two Rifle Number Fours. Two G3 Rounds of ammunition, Seven for AK47 and five 303 Calibre rounds of ammunition were also surrendered.

He said that the residents surrendered the weapons out of their own volition, but called for all illegal weapons to be surrendered to the authorities.


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