Relief for needy girl as Governor Mutua clears her school fees

Machakos Governor has on Wednesday come to the rescue of a needy Form Four student from St. Mary’s School in Kithangaini after clearing her outstanding school fees.

The girl, Philomena Mutheu aged 17, had written a letter to President Uhuru Kenyatta saying that she was an orphan and going through unbearable challenges.

“I am not in school, I was sent home a week ago due to unpaid school fees and other basic needs,” she wrote in the letter addressed to President Kenyatta.

In statement, Governor Mutua said that he had cleared her outstanding fee balance of Ksh 26,958 so that she gets back to school.

Governor Mutua stated her case was genuine and not a fabrication as somne people had tried to purport.

“Early this morning, I established that her case is genuine and not a fabrication as some people had tried to purport,” he said.

“I commend her courage to pen her desperate situation and expose her suffering publicly. The girl and her younger sister are vulnerable and are being tossed from one relative to another,” he added.


Philomena was among 45 students from her school that were on 6th of November, 2020, sent home due to lack of fees.

Out of the 45 students who were sent home from the St. Mary’s School, Kithangaini, only four have not returned.

The Machakos Governor has also organized for the payment of their outstanding schools fess totaling to Ksh 73,000.

“Principal Ireri and I have agreed that she will not send any student home due to lack of fees but will inform me so that I can take appropriate measures,” said Governor Mutua.

He urged the National Government to keep to their promise and declaration that no student shall be sent home due to lack of school fees.

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