Regular Athlete check ups necessary according to a Sports Psychologist

A head of the Summer Olympic games set for Japan,Team Kenya Tokyo 2020 Sports Psychologist Kanyali Ilako has emphasized on the the importance of the frequent physical examination and preparticipation evaluation in a bid to help maintain the health and safety aspect of athletes. 

Burnout among sports personalities is a common condition nowadays in which an athlete experiences fatigue and declining performance in his/her discipline despite continuing or increased training.

Overtraining can result in mood changes, decreased motivation, frequent injuries, and infections.

“Getting regular checks is good for the athlete to ensure that we avert instances of burnout” she noted.

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Ilako was among a five-member team of experts unveiled in March this year by the National Olympic Committee of Kenya (NOCK) to offer technical support to athletes from training to the actual competition in its quest to ensure that Kenya is aptly prepared for July global sporting extravaganza.

Kanyali has an MSc in Sports and Performance Psychology and her background is in competitive swimming,having represented Kenya during various assignments among them Commonwealth Games and Olympics.

Kenya is expecting to send a record 100 athletes to this year’s rescheduled 2020 Olympic Games and there is need for realization that modern day sports involve incorporating science to improve performance in all aspects of the athlete training and preparation which is key to performance in a global showpiece.

“Olympics is once in four years and we want to see that we give the best to our sportsmen so that they can go participate, compete and bring the medals for us. We need to make sure that we bring in people who are experts to support our sportsmen going forward,” NOCK boss Paul Tergat said as he unveiled the team.

Kenya will be hoping to surpass its 2016 Rio performance having finished 15th globally with six gold medals, six silver medals, and one bronze—marking the most wins of any African team at the tournament as well as the best Olympic performance in Kenya’s history.

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