Regional Football Associations encouraged to prepare for 30th Ordinary Congress

The Executive Council of the Ghana Football Association (GFA) has called on all 10 Regional Football Associations (RFAs) to prepare thoroughly for the upcoming 30th Ordinary Congress.This directive was issued during the Council’s meeting on May 23, 2024, held at the GFA Headquarters.The Chairmen of all 10 RFAs notably attended the meeting, aligning with the Council’s objective to enhance engagement with regional football heads across Ghana.This engagement is part of a broader strategy to ensure that regional efforts are well-integrated into the national framework.The RFA Chairmen were specifically requested to submit their comprehensive Activity Reports to the GFA Secretariat.These reports will be crucial in documenting the extensive work done at the regional level and will be included in the overall Activity Report to be presented at Congress.The submission of Annual Regional Activity Reports is a standard procedure in the GFA’s operations, ensuring transparency and accountability.During the meeting, each RFA Chairman provided updates on their regional activities, highlighting that they are on track to complete their various competitions within the deadlines set by the GFA Secretariat.The Chairmen also reported significant progress in key initiatives, such as the absorption of officiating fees for clubs and advancements in the “Catch Them Young” Referees Project, which aims to develop young referees across the regions.The RFA Chairmen collectively expressed their gratitude to GFA President Kurt Okraku and the Executive Council for the substantial support received, which has been instrumental in their regional operations.They praised the leadership for facilitating smooth operations and enhancing the development of football at the grassroots level.In response, the Executive Council commended the RFA Chairmen for their dedication and hard work in managing football activities within their regions.The Council expressed optimism that the continued efforts of the RFAs would lead to further improvements in the administration and development of football nationwide in the coming years.