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Regina King’s son Ian Alexander Jr.’s haunting tweets before suicide

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A series of tweets by Ian Alexander Jr., the son of Oscar-winner Regina King, reveal the 26-year-old may have been reaching out for help ahead of his suicide.

The DJ took his own life on Friday, 22 January 2022. In the wake of his passing, some have referred back to his social media pages and discovered his final haunting messages, which may have been signs of what was to come.

“You know that episode of SpongeBob where they go inside his brain and it’s a bunch of mini spongebobs just losing their s–t…..yea that one really hits home,’ Ian tweeted five days before his death.

In another recent tweet, Alexander, who went by desdune reflected on his relationship with social media, sharing, “I don’t think instagram is healthy for me.”

Fans have since responded to the tweets with kind words, with one follower tweeting, “Just to watch the love your mom has for you is emotional. My heart goes out to her..”

He was King’s only child with her record producer ex-husband, Ian Alexander Sr.

“Our family is devastated at the deepest level by the loss of Ian. He is such a bright light who cared so deeply about the happiness of others. Our family asks for respectful consideration during this private time. Thank you,” King said in a short statement confirming his death. He passed away just two days after celebrating his 26th birthday.


There has since been a flood of reaction from Hollywood, with many expressing their condolences to Regina King.

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“PRAYERS for Regina King family & Ian Alexander Sr family. Dear LORD give them STRENGTH during this time,” wrote rapper Missy Elliott.

While fellow actress Aunjanue Ellis said, “My heart aches. It aches for Regina.My grandmother and the sisters of the church would come and sit. Let’s sit with Regina wherever we are.”

My heart aches. It aches for Regina. My grandmother and the sisters of the church would come and sit. Let’s sit with Regina wherever we are.

— Aunjanue Ellis (@aunjanuejlt) January 22, 2022

My heartfelt condolences to Regina King and her family, but seriously…stop posting family tragedies as “exclusives” or rushing to be “first on the scene”

It’s tacky, classless, and honestly, disrespectful. This was not YOUR news to break; it was Ms. King’s, on HER time.

— Adrian C. Jackson (@AdrianCJax) January 22, 2022

Friends Please join me in a prayer for @ReginaKing. She is pure light, and all love. Her kindness knows no bounds. And for a heart like hers to have lost her son? I cannot imagine the grief. Lift her up in whatever way you may. Sending love, and deepest condolences.

— Sophia Bush (@SophiaBush) January 22, 2022

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