Red hot make-up trends to try on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and for many, that means a red, hot date! If you’re looking to get glammed and gorgeous for the occasion – we have got covered…

You don’t have to be a professional make-up artist to nail your Valentine’s Day beauty look. With a few simple and subtle steps, you can achieve amazing results!

Cuan Kemp, Head of Make-up at Kryolan SA shares his best tips on embracing 2022’s biggest make-up trends whilst creating a fab facebeat.


“Fresh, youthful and glowing skin gives the impression of health and vitality. Gone are the days of heavy foundation and caked powder. Subtle, shimmering highlighters and a gentle application of bronzer provide a healthy, sun-kissed look without the risk of wrinkles and sun damage.

“It’s all about applying just the right amount of make-up to seem like no make-up is used at all.

Bronze skin is simple to achieve – and looks great too!
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“While the cat eye has claimed its place as an enduring trend, the kitten eye is claiming its spot on the eye make-up stage. This is a much subtler take on the classic trend that is easier to apply and gives a cleaner, more understated look.

“Often paired with bold lashes, the subtle liner maximises the intensity of the lashes and draws attention to the eyes. Whether it is faux lashes or a good dose of lengthening mascara, bold lashes are the perfect frame for the window to your soul”.

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“Lipstick lasts longer, but gloss is more fun, Serena van der Woodsen from Gossip Girl once said.

“Juicy lips in various berry shades are predicted to be a big trend this year. High gloss lips are also a wonderful way to infiltrate lip care products into your make-up routine and keep them hydrated.

“As we loosen our masks, we can expect to see bold, bright lips in various pink, purple, and red shades. Intense, dark lip liners are also making a statement, often outlining polished, plump, nude lips”.


“What’s great to see is how people are bold and confident enough to have fun with their look…there is no limit, as face jewels, glitter and eyelid embellishments find their way onto the make-up scene.

“You don’t need professional skills to have the look. Eyeliner stickers, fake face tattoos, adhesive rhinestones and funky foils make it easy and temporary enough for you to dress according to your mood”.

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Face jewels are a funky way to jazz up your make-up look
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“Trends can be fleeting. They should inspire and excite, but you are still an individual at the end of the day. Find the trend that excites you, adapt it, let it evolve to suit your unique character and don’t forget to have fun.

“No matter which look you favour, there will always be a trend out there that you can make your own”.

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