‘Real MVP’: Vivian Reddy praised for having Sorisha’s back [video]

Vivian Reddy – fondly referred to as “Uncle Viv” –   has been praised for having his wife Sorisha Naidoo’s back amid her clash with Real Housewives of Durban co-stars Neil Ramautar and Maria Valaskatzis. 

He’s also been unofficially credited for a dramatic scene in the reunion where his wife receives an apology.

Throughout the season, Maria and her “gusband” have taken nasty shots at the reality TV veteran. In one episode, Neil – a professional make-up artist – even labelled Sorisha a “slut” and “side chick.”


In the second installment of the Real Housewives of Durban season reunion, Sorisha Naidoo received a formal apology from her nemesis, Neil Ramautar.

“I apologise for what I did and said. It was uncalled for. I mean this sincerely”, he said before leaving the set.

Neil was referring in part to comments he made to his pal Maria Valaskatzis in which he called Sorisha a “side chick,” “homewrecker,” and “slut”.

According to Sorisha, her husband, Vivian Reddy, was “upset” by Neil’s comments.

She told host Mablerh: “My husband loves me to bits and pieces. He will jump off a cliff for me. That’s the love he has for me”.

On social media, many fans of the show shared their belief that Vivian – a billionaire businessman – was behind Neil’s apology and early exit.

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“Uncle Viv” was also praised for his support of his wife.

Vivian Reddy and Sorisha Naidoo. Image via Instagram @vivian_reddy_official

Here’s what a few X users had to say….

@erica_khomza: “Sorisha, my girl. Your man can clearly jump off the cliff for you, and we love it … Uncle Viv came through for my girl.”

@LineoSehloho: “Uncle Viv calling Neil and setting him straight was a boss move, and every man must move this way about their woman

@qhamadlula_: “Uncle Viv did the Lord’s work. Neil was only there to apologise to Sorisha because he left like a dog with its tail between its legs”.

#RHODurban Uncle Viv calling Neil and setting him straight was a boss move, and every man must move this way about their woman pic.twitter.com/jHexpDz9R9

— Lineo Sehloho (@LineoSehloho) May 22, 2024

Uncle Viv is husband of the year, I have no choice but to stan. #Sorisha #RHODurban pic.twitter.com/0QIi6coK4i

— Vee (@VictoriaMokwen6) May 22, 2024

Uncle Viv told Niel not to spend anything more than 10mins on that stage. “Get there, apologise to my wife and leave” #RHODurban pic.twitter.com/K3vHiMP0DQ

— Mandy (@_mandyhusk) May 22, 2024


Vivian Reddy’s support for Sorisha Naidoo stems from their 21 years as husband and wife.

The couple tied the knot in 2003 after their friendship turned romantic, according to IOL.

The couple have two children together: a son, Saihil, and a daughter, Kalina.

In an Instagram post, Vivian thanked his wife for also having his back.

He captioned a loved-up picture of them: “To my heart and my rock, as we celebrate our love for each other, I thank God for bringing you into my life. 

“We have been blessed in so many ways, especially with two amazing children. I am so proud of how we have navigated our lives as ONE”.