RCC Gives Kampala Street Pastors 30 Days to Leave

Hudu Hussein, the Resident City Commissioner of Kampala Capital City has given street pastors an ultimatum of 30 days to evacuate the City streets or face forceful eviction.

“Our good pastors, we love you so much but I am giving you an amnesty of 30 days so that you evacuate the streets, we want a more serious City,” Hudu said on Tuesday.

Hudu said in bid to build a nicer City, street pastors, vendors, children beggars among other “disorganized groups should leave the City immediately,”

“For the case of Street Children, all preparations are done and we are going to conduct a one-month operation to remove them from streets; we are working together with Security, Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) and Ministry of Gender on this specific operation,” he said.

The RCC yesterday announced to journalists seven new measures which he said are aimed sanitizing Kampala city.

The measures entail among other completely ridding the city of vendors, refurbishing and old building, marking all buildings, streamlining the bodaboda and taxi business and lighting all dark spots.

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