RAILA now opens up on Doctor’s blunder that made his beloved daughter, ROSEMARY, blind – LOOK!

Tuesday, February 15, 2022 – Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga has blamed the doctor’s negligence for his daughter Rosemary’s blindness.

In a sit-down with Asian News International (ANI) on Sunday, Raila opened up about his daughter’s illness and the circumstances that led to her suffering eyesight complications that rendered her partially blind.

He explained that Rosemary developed a brain hemorrhage roughly three years ago and was rushed to a hospital in Nairobi but the resultant surgery interfered with her optic nerve.

After the blunder, Raila and his family then embarked on a journey in search of corrective surgery that would restore her eyesight but for some time, it proved futile.

“My daughter got sick about three years ago. She had some hemorrhage in the brain and as a result, she was operated on in Nairobi. 

“In the process of the operation, they interfered with her optic nerve.”

“We then transferred her to South Africa for treatment. She was treated there for three months. 

“Unfortunately, she was not able to recover her eyesight. We sent her to Israel and again they did not do much,” stated the former Prime Minister.

In the months that followed, she was taken to China and Japan but none of the hospitals were equipped well enough to handle the corrective surgery.

“She came back to Kenya and we sent her to China. They did surgery on her and it did not quite help her regain her sight. We sent her to Germany where they did electrode treatment. Also, that was not successful,” he added.

The family was almost giving up when a friend mentioned to them about a little-known Indian hospital that specializes in eye treatment called Sreedhareeyam Group of Institutions.

Rosemary was taken to the institution for treatment in 2019 and a procedure, known as Ayurvedic, was carried out on her for three weeks. She spent an additional three months in India receiving medical care.

The former Prime Minister was then contacted and asked to carry out tests on her in Nairobi to assess her condition and alas, there was a substantial improvement to Rosemary’s eyesight and she could actually see with some glasses.

“When she put them on, she started seeing. She called me in amazement. This was a pleasant surprise to my family,” explained Raila.

Both Raila and Rosemary are in India where she is under medical check-up at Sreedhareeyam Hospital.


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