January 26, 2021


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‘Raiders of the Lost Trump’ mocked under the meme: ‘How it started v How it’s going?

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A stunned world watched as an army of Trump supporters stormed the US Capitol building on Jan. 6 in what turned out to be an unprecedented act of domestic terrorism – the first time since the War of 1812 that the seat of US democracy had been breached.

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The Trump-inspired rioters most who donned ‘Make America Great Again’ baseball caps and military-style gear breached barricades, smashed windows, and ransacked the Capitol building.

But now, as authorities begin the hunt to unmask and arrest the offenders, the smug confidence on display on Jan. 6 has dissipated and people on the internet just couldn’t resist the chance to make fun of them.

The meme “How it started Vs. How it’s going” started circulating on social media where people are sharing side-by-side images of Trump’s raiders during their brief Capitol conquest and their mortified mugshots.

Where did his smile go? 

The smugness… gone

‘The Cool Guy’ not so cool now


The horned ‘QAnon Shaman’ dehorned and arrested

Doug Jensen, the Iowa man that led the charge into the Senate… Charged


And then, an avalanche of online comments on how ‘The Raiders of the Lost Trump’ shaved their beards in an unsuccessful attempt to evade identification and arrest.