Quick-thinking security guard saves suicidal man from waterfall jump

A 35-year-old suicidal man was saved from falling to his death at the majestic Howick Falls in Howick, KwaZulu-Natal.

At about 14:45pm today, Tuesday, 5 July, Midlands EMS reported that its crew received multiple calls for a gentleman who fell from the Howick Falls in Howick.


Upon arrival Midlands EMS crews discovered that the the 35-year-old local resident had attempted suicide by jumping off the viewpoint at Howick Falls.

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“With a quick-thinking security guard on scene, she called for help immediately and some bystanders started making their way down to the patient on foot,” the report read.

“Once Midlands EMS, SAPS search and rescue, Howick police and multiple local security services arrived, the patient had been found and started walking out with the help of bystanders.”

“It is believed that the patient’s fall was slowed and stopped by multiple thick trees, bushes and rock ledges,” Midlands EMS further reported.

The patient was assessed and found to have sustained moderate injuries which were treated on scene and he was transported to a local facility for further treatment.


The 95 m in height (310 feet) waterfall has been notorious over the years to be people’s last destinations to their lives.

In November 2013, a woman was declared no more after she plunged to her death. She was found in the water pool approximately 110meters down.

In November 2019, the missing body of a Pietermaritzburg doctor was found at the bottom of the Howick Falls.

According to Wikipedia, 40 deaths have been recorded surrounding Howick falls with the first recorded death occurring in 1851. Most of these have been recorded as suicides but accidents and murder have also been known to happen.

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