Professor Ogwang Launches Tree Planting Campaign in Teso

Professor Patrick Ogwang Egeu, the director Jena Herbals, in conjunction with Miss Tourism Teso has launched a tree planting exercise in Teso in a campaign dubbed ‘Trees for life’.

‘Trees for life’ is an environmental campaign aimed at creating awareness about the effects of climate change.

Jessica Sheila Ogeuna Aanyu, the CEO Miss Tourism Teso, said the campaign is aimed at greening Teso by planting 25 million trees within five years.

While launching the project at Mayor’s Garden in Soroti city, Professor Ogwang urged the community in Teso to embark on tree planting, especially medicinal trees like Abac and Eusuk.

These species, he said, have the potential to change the lives of people since the world is turning back to herbal medicine for treatment.

“The rate of conversion to herbal medicine in the world is very fast now and this shows you how herbal medicine will be very important. We need to grow more herbal medicinal species of trees for wealth,” he said.

According to Prof. Ogwang, this move, if embraced by the Community in Teso, will also eradicate poverty.

The Resident City Commissioner, Peter Pex Paak, said people’s mindset about tree cutting needs to be flashed out so they can embrace tree planting.

Paak also noted that there will be need for enforcement using the forest act and pushing all Districts in Teso to pass ordinances that see each member from every household plant at least a number of trees.

“Even institutions like churches should be preaching about the importance of tree planting and schools should set up woodlots too,” he said.

In the past, Teso used to have forest reserves in most of its sub counties, however, the trend has changed with many places having only a couple of trees as a result of extensive charcoal burning practices and structural development.


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