Prison Journalism: The Red Zone behind bars

When it comes to Christmas and the festive season behind bars, surrounded by wardens and people with sad stories, the atmosphere is packed with emotions and negative energy. It’s chaos everywhere in the cell blocks. Prisoners feel frustrated and angry with themselves for their crimes and the mistakes they made. It’s a very hard and dangerous place, especially during the big days.

Festive Season Challenges

We prisoners know how fast the festive season passes with all the things happening when alcohol and drugs are everywhere. We have left our families and loved ones outside, where all the action is, and where the risk is every day in front of our children’s and families’ doors. While our hands are tied and we can’t defend or protect our families, it makes it hard because every prisoner should be twice as observant as they are during other seasons of the year.

Making Choices

That’s why making choices is something you should be very mindful of because it’s not as easy as you think it is. Some make it, and some don’t. From my experience, I saw many well-educated people fall and fail. Life in prison and its package has no benefits unless you learn from your mistakes and become the change, guiding those who need it before it’s too late and they have setbacks. Stay away from crime; it has very bad consequences with dark memories that hit hard.

Life After Prison

Having to wait for ten years to find a job after committing a crime is a very big setback. So, if I were you, I would think about it when you make that one-minute choice. By then, it’s too late. Rather spend those few years behind school doors than behind closed bars with no rights and no protection in sight. Be glad and never sad because crime is bad. It makes you feel scared because it’s a life you will never forget. It’s like the biggest threat.

So, be the person who strives to live perfectly. With that said, be blessed. This message is from the heart for those young ones who want to jump the line before their time. Live your life.

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