President Weah Reechoes Government’s Commitment to Rehabilitate ‘At-Risk Youth’

PAYNESVILLE – Liberia’s President George Weah, in his Bicentennial address at the SKD, has stressed the need for the rehabilitation of At-risk youth to save the future of Liberian youth from self-destruction.

President Weah said it is now time for Liberia to adopt policies to fight drugs and substance abuse due to the growing wave of At-Risk youth (zogos) which posed a major threat to the youthful population and to the peace and development.

Liberia is fast losing some of its brilliant young minds to drugs and if no concrete intervention is made, observers say it could be a den of zogos who could one day retrogress the progress and development achieved over the years.

“In other to save the present and the future generation of youth from self-distraction, we must come about with policy that will fight drugs and substance abuse,” the President said.

According to him, the problem of disadvantaged youth cannot be ignored because it is a growing threat to society that needs to be tackled by rehabilitation and skill development.

He further said beyond the Bicentennial, his government will work towards the advancement in the education and health sectors by putting them on par with other countries around the world.

“We will revise the curriculum of the Ministry of Education to include the relevant skills and computer training that will equip the young people to compete with their counterparts in the world,” he said.

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