Preparing for Lift-off: New airline Lift invites South Africans to choose look

Lift will take to the skies on 10 December, but the airline needs help in choosing its planes’ livery before it starts flying South Africans around the country.

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Lift was co-founded by Gidon Novick, who started the hugely popular low-cost airline several years ago. South Africa’s newest airline will operate a fleet of three Airbus A320 planes.


Lift has said it wants to do things differently, something the airline’s founders believe will set it apart from competitors.

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The airline’s staff will be kitted out in attire from online fashion retailer Superbalist. Passengers on Lift’s flights will be treated to coffee from Vida e Caffè in the morning and afternoon flights will offer wines from a selection of South African wineries.


A first for low-cost airlines, Lift will also allow greater ticket flexibility than other budget carriers. Passengers will be able to change or cancel flights without penalty, which the airline’s founders believe is an important feature that will distinguish Lift from its competitors.      

“Many travellers are seeking value when they book a flight. They want the freedom to change or cancel their flights should circumstances change.

“So, instead of cutting the prices, despite our prices remaining competitive, we are offering this added value service to our passengers,” Novick said.


Before naming the new airline, Lift’s founders appealed to South Africans to submit suggestions for the name. A competition was held inviting the public to send in their suggestions. Winners would receive free flights if their suggestions were selected.

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The response was overwhelming, with more than 25,000 suggestions. The airline’s founders chose the name Lift, which was proposed by eight different entrants, who will each receive free flights on the airline.

“We were overwhelmed by the public response to naming our airline,” Lift airline said in a statement.


Lift has been presented with two design options for its aircrafts’ livery. The airline is asking the public, as its future customers, for their participation in selecting which of the two designs the airline will sport once it takes to the skies.  

“We’d like to continue including the public in decisions around other components of the brand,” Novick said.


Lift needs the public to help it choose which of the two designs will be used for its aircraft come 10 December. There are two options to choose from and South Africans can go vote for Option A or B on Lift’s Instagram account.

A poll has been set up for this purpose and it will be open until Monday 23 November.  

“We’d like help in finding the most beautiful and impactful combination.” the airline said.

South Africans can vote on Option A or B on the Lift Instagram account.