Pray for your husbands’ side chicks to get their own partners – Pastor NG’ANG’A tells Kenyan LADIES

Wednesday, December 7, 2022 – Neno Evangelism Center founder, Pastor Ng’ang’a, has advised female congregants of his church on what to do about their husbands’ side chicks.

In a recent sermon, the cleric told female members of his church not to pray for side chicks to die but to get their own husbands.

 Pastor Ng’ang’a said;

I hear you are now praying for side chicks to die. Women like that so much.

Instead of praying for them to die say God bless the side chick with her own husbands.

Ng’ang’a also added that side chicks are not to be blamed as men often make the first move.

He said;

Your husband owes you loyalty and in this case, he is the one in the wrong. Instead of praying for the side chick to die why not kill your husband first? If you are truly born again then you would know that two wrongs don’t make right. Christians have not been called to kill.

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