PowerBall dividends: Jackpot grows to R165 million after 24th rollover


The PowerBall jackpot rolled over yet again on Tuesday, 8 February, and now stands at an estimated R165 million. The PowerBall PLUS jackpot rolled over as well and will be worth a sizeable R29 million in the next draw on Friday.


According to the PowerBall dividends, the biggest winners in Tuesday’s draw were the two players who matched five numbers for a return of R397 121,50.

The 31 players who matched 4 numbers plus the PB won the second-most money on the night with – R16 043,90.

Bringing up the rear, 269 126 players correctly guessed the PowerBall for R10.

The winning PB numbers were: 01, 04, 14, 39, 49 and PB: 13

PowerBall dividends for Tuesday night’s draw. Graphic: Ithuba

In the PB PLUS match field, one person walked away with R335 090,80 after matching five numbers. Followed by 26 players who matched four numbers plus the bonus ball for a dividend of R8070,60.

At the other end were the 224 696 players that only matched the bonus ball for R5.

The winning PB PLUS numbers were: 2, 16, 40, 42, 43 and PB: 08

PB PLUS dividends for Tuesday. Graphic: Ithuba.

As has been the case for weeks on end – there were no jackpot winners in the main PowerBall draw on Tuesday night, and the jackpot grows to an estimated R165 million on Friday, 11 February. It is the 24th time the jackpot has rolled over.

There were no winners in the PB PLUS draw as well and it rolls over to R29 million.

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