‘Politics does not have to burn our country’ says Raila


Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) leader Raila Odinga has described President Uhuru Kenyatta as a patriot who has the best interest of the country at heart.

He also termed him as a visionary and development oriented leaders .

Raila who had earlier been endorsed by his party, National Delegates Convention said  the ‘handshake’ between him and president Uhuru Kenyatta was an intention in a bigger  plan of ensuring the country moves together in a cohesive way.

” We did this with president Kenyatta 4 years ago to be exact on the 9th of March 2018. He braved the hardliners. I did too. In the sittings that were initially tense and looked like a waste of time, we came to learn that we actually shared similar aspirations for this country. We came to learn that we were in agreement on what we needed to do as a country to be able to realize those aspirations. I said unity of our people, Uhuru said unity of our people. Then we said let’s go to work. Hence the handshake that has brought us here,” Said Raila.

According to Raila who was speaking at Kasarani stadium during ODM’s NDC, Kenya was changing one handshake at a time warning that anybody who will stand on the way will be swept away.

” What we are going through today, what we have witnessed in recent days and what shall be happening in the coming days is a clear demonstration that the often undeclared but  often raging uncivil war between our communities, political parties, leaders and regions can end if we choose to do so,” he noted.

“We have evidence before us that politics does not have to burn our country. We have evidence before us that the feelings of helplessness, impotence, fear, loathing, dread and panic that are often grip this country because of politics can be countered and reversed to give way to genuine and sustainable recovery.  So much can change in so short of time when actors in a critical theater like politics agree to unclench their fists, shake each other’s hands and share their hopes, fears and aspirations for the nation.” Added Raila

The ODM leader has in the meantime announced that, the Azimio La Umoja Movement and its presidential candidate will officially be announced to the public soon after conducting several activation campaigns in different parts of the country.

He asked for support of all Kenyans, as Azimio la Kenya starts for another long journey ahead of the august 9th general election.

” Getting Kenya together is a battle we must fight and win. It is my prayer that all Kenyans can join in the course. It is a worthy course… Kenya must return to factory setting. Where independence came as a result of our unity. That’s where it must return,” he said.

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