Policeman arrested for attacking SEX shop worker after wife demanded for big toys

Friday, December 08, 2023 – An Oklahoma cop has been arrested for assaulting a sex shop clerk who defended his wife during an argument over the size of her sex toys.

Fox25 reported that Pottawatomie Sheriff’s commander David DeWitt who took his wife shopping for a new sex toy on Monday night, became enraged after his missus picked up a few items that were “bigger than him.”

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A staff at the shop revealed that DeWitt told his wife that she didn’t need fake penises to put him to shame and allegedly raised his hand as if to backhand her. After the staff stepped in between them at the point and asked DeWitt to leave the store, he allegedly barked back saying “F*** you, I’m a cop!”

After the clerk asked if they wanted to buy any batteries for their new device, DeWitt allegedly yelled, “What the f*** you say to me, fat boy?”

When the staff told DeWitt to get out of his face, he jumped behind the counter and repeatedly punched him in the face and ribs, tossed a bunch of merchandise around the store and then left in a convertible Bentley.

Shortly after, DeWitt was pulled over, but not for the sex shop incident. A state trooper nailed him for speeding. The trooper was going to let DeWitt go with a warning but then heard the call about the alleged fight over a phallus and notified OKC cops he had DeWitt pulled over.

DeWitt was booked for misdemeanour assault, and he’s been suspended without pay pending an investigation.