Police Rubbishes Use of ‘Expired Teargas’ Claims

Following various images and videos making rounds on social media of Police using teargas to disperse supporters of different presidential candidates, some members of the public have expressed concern over “the kind of teargas used and its shelf life/expiry status.”

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These argue that the teargas being used could be expired.

However, the Police Director In-Charge of Operations, Edward Ochom has said that the tear gas police officers use to disperse crowds is not expired as many people claim.

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“The tear gas you see Police using is not expired, it is the one that other countries use and we check it before using it,” Ochom said while speaking to the press at the media center on Wednesday.

Ochom added that using tear gas is the only measure that Police uses to disperse the supporters and prevent them from gathering.

“People should try and be far away from these canisters because they can be dangerous, however, as police, we make sure that the public is not harmed. Covid-19 is also real but some people think it is not there so they continue gathering,” he added

Asked about the role of the guards that the Electoral Commission (EC) provided to the presidential candidates, Ochom noted that they are supposed to guard and protect the candidate from any harm.

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“However, if a candidate commits an offense, it won’t prevent the other officers from arresting you because you have personal guards assigned to you by the EC,” Ochom said.

He further said that the guards that EC provided to the aspirants are well trained and are “professional”.

“Those guards were taken through drills before being chosen to guard these aspirants. They are the best we choose and they are disciplined as you can see because they know what to do. Sometimes they are challenged because they have to protect the candidate and yet some candidates attract people who may at times cause harm to their lives,” he added.

He also urged different political aspirants to guard themselves and prevent violent incidents that may cause them harm.

“I want to appeal to these candidates to be cautious of their lives and also follow the standard operating procedures (SOPs) that were put in place,” Ochom urged.

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