Police IG Mutyambai warns of curfew implementation ahead of X-mass, New year festivities

Curfew will be fully implemented during the Christmas and New year’s festivities, Inspector General of Police Hillary Mutyambai has said.

Speaking during a joint press conference with National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) Director-General Gorge Njao and Kenya Prison Service Commissioner Wycliffe Ogalo, the IG said more officers will be deployed during the festive season.

“Curfew time will be fully enforced; at 10pm everyone should be indoors,” Mutyambai said.

Ogola on his part said that the prisons department will deploy some of its officers to assist the police during this season.

“Security starts with an individual. I, therefore, urge all officers and the citizenry to work together and share all information that may assist us to pre-empt crimes,” he said.

NTSA director-general warned those using Public Service Vehicles (PSV) against boarding vehicles flouting Covid-19 rules.

“There shall be impromptu checks along major highways. To avoid any inconveniences, we urge motorists and passengers to adhere to all road safety standards and requirements of the Traffic Act. Of special emphasis will be flagging out of illegal operations contrary to the Traffic Act such as overloading, use of un-prescribed identification plates, failure to use seatbelts, drunk driving, use of un-roadworthy vehicles among others,” he said.

Last week, the IG recalled officers on leave as part of the government efforts to beef up security during the festive season.

“All officers on leave have since been recalled to give sufficient backup. Also, because of the uniqueness of the season, a multiagency team is put in place to enhance security. #EngageTheIG, ” said Mutyambai.