Police encourages business collaboration to boost security

Kenyan police has called for collaboration from the business community in Nairobi in addressing security issues.

Adamson Bungei, Nairobi’s Regional Commander, emphasized the police’s commitment to rapidly responding to corporate security concerns, which aligns with their fundamental purpose of maintaining safety and supporting operational environments.

Bungei emphasized that improving security not only protects individuals but also has a significant impact on business operations, particularly in the hospitality industry, citing accolades such as Nairobi’s recognition as Africa’s leading business travel destination and one of the world’s top cities to visit in 2024, according to TripAdvisor and Lonely Planet.

“We have adopted a need-based approach to address security challenges. Engaging with customers enables us to tailor solutions to their specific needs, ensuring a conducive environment for all stakeholders,” stated Bungei, emphasizing the police force’s adaptability to emerging security dynamics.

Police officers during a prayer breakfast in Nairobi

Bungei reinforced proactive actions to strengthen security frameworks and effectively reduce risks in regions identified as sensitive to insecurity, such as enhanced police presence and engagement with private security services.

Jackton Amutala, Director of Operations and Business Development of PrideInn Hotels, Resorts, and Camps, reiterated Bungei’s remarks, highlighting the critical significance of increased security in driving the hotel industry’s success in Nairobi.

“Improved collaboration between the hospitality sector and law enforcement has yielded tangible security enhancements within Nairobi’s hotels, attracting a surge in local and international business,” said Amutala. “We thank the police for their efforts, especially the newly introduced squad called ‘The Sword’, who go around the hotels just to ensure that all visitors feel secure within the establishments.”

Amutala stressed the symbiotic relationship between security and economic growth, claiming that Nairobi’s emergence as a safe destination reflects the combined efforts of law enforcement and the hospitality industry. He noted that ongoing efforts to improve security measures had catapulted Nairobi’s hospitality industry to new heights, establishing it as a top destination for MICE and business tourists worldwide.

During a prayer meeting in Nairobi, the two shared their insights. Hundreds of senior police officers gathered for a Thanksgiving service to commemorate the beginning of 2024.

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