Police Arrest Two Suspects Connected to Konongo Firefighters Assault

Inusah Alhassan

After the brutal attack on firefighters at the Konongo Odumase Fire Station on February 11, 2024, the Konongo District Police has made significant progress by capturing two suspects linked to the incident.

Initially, Obaa Yaa was arrested shortly after the attack and later released on bail.

Recent developments on April 12, 2024, led to the arrest of Inusah Alhassan, also known as Zimbo, a 36-year-old illegal gold miner referred to as a “galamseyer,” based on police intelligence.

Alhassan is currently in police custody, providing valuable assistance in the ongoing investigation into the assault on the firefighters.
He is scheduled to appear in court on Friday, April 19, 2024.

It will be recalled that a team of six firefighters from the Konongo Odumasi Fire Station in the Ashanti region narrowly avoided a mob attack while responding to an emergency, according to reports.
This incident marked the second time they were almost attacked for arriving late to a fire emergency in the area.

LF Adom Stephen, the crew leader, recounted that they were returning from an emergency when they received another call for help.
Upon arriving at the scene, an angry mob confronted them, shouting in anger.

Stephen emphasized that this was the second instance of such a mob attack and expressed concern that without intervention, future incidents could escalate.

He called for authorities to take action against those responsible to deter similar acts of violence. “Our authorities should help us apprehend some of these individuals to set an example for others. How can you attack officers,” he questioned.

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