November 29, 2020


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Police advise vehicle owners

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Our Reporter


THE Ogun State Police has advised the public especially those who lost their vehicles/motorcycles to theft or left abandoned to report at the Ibogun and ACPOL Ilaro commands for identification within 14 days of this publication.

Ibogun command vehicles are: one Nissan car with registration number DG 750 EKY; Mazda car with No CC 496 AKD; Corrola car with no NM 276 AAA; one unregistered Mazda car; one Secona Kia car with Nos KSF 905 DY; Rover car with nos SMK 841 AU; one Mazda 626 car with nos LND 827 DE; one unregistered Chevrollet; one unregistered Volkswagen bus; and one unregistered RAV-4 blue Toyota car; one unregistered Sharon Volkswagen and one unregistered Mazda.

Ibogun motorcycles: One Bajaj with No QK 240 KKD; Seven unregistered Bajaj; one unregistered Zealsun; Three unregistered Jincheng; one unregistered Kymco; one unregistered Honda; One unregistered LIFAN and one unregistered Suzuki.

ACPOL, ILARO motorcycles are: six unregistered Bajaj; one Boxer with no QY 629 LSR; One Bajaj with NO QP 463 FKJ; one TVS with no MEK 402; one Sinoki Supra with faded register number; one Boxer with no JGB 684 WX; one unregistered Jincheng; one Honda with no JGB 304 WX; one Boxer with a broken number plate; one unregistered REB B2 commuter, one Boxer with no QL 912 KJA; one Boxer with No AKD 632 QA; one Osaki with no QB 937 KNN; one Boxer with no TTN 076 WW and one Haojue with no LAR 259 WB.