‘Playing Mgedeza is challenging’: ‘DiepCity’s’ Mduduzi Mabaso

Award-winning actor Mduduzi Mabaso – who plays the character of Mgedeza says his DiepCity role can spark a debate.   

Mgedeza learned that his wife got impregnated by another man because he was infertile.   

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This mgedeza situation making men look at their kids on some…..#DiepCityMzansi #gomoramzansi #BBMzansi pic.twitter.com/BDrCLXa0NS

— KLOUD ELEVEN SVPPLY Co (@Kloud11SvpplyCo) February 17, 2022


Mabaso told Daily Sun in an interview that playing Mgedeza is emotional and challenging because a lot of men go through the same thing.   

The former Rhythm City actor added that his storyline is a reflection of what happens in society.   

“It talks directly to gender-based violence.”  

He adds that he felt that men should be having these conversations when he was first presented with these storylines.   

Mabaso says he knows a lot of men who are raising children that aren’t their own.   

“When the truth comes out, consequences can be deadly. I wish society could learn from the storyline.”  

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“I have crushed and defeated all powerful people around Diepsloot but I am defeated by someone I sleep with on the same bed” Mgedeza #DiepCityMzansi pic.twitter.com/tWXjts2Mnl

— MZulu wa Limpopo (@KabeloMohlah02) February 17, 2022


The actor joined DiepCity after e.tv canned Rhythm City in 2021 after 14 years on the air.   

He played a villain Suffocate in Rhythm City just like his current villainous role as Mgedeza.   

Mgedeza like Suffocate has cheated on his wife and has killed people and is hungry for power and money.  

The only difference is that Suffocate was able to have children, unlike Mgedeza.  

Mabaso also tells the publication that Mgedeza is losing his mind and that his hands are covered in blood but now everyone is feeling sorry for him.   

They’re pitying him because he can’t conceive and his wife had to sleep with another man to fall pregnant.   

“People have forgotten about his evil deeds and sympathise with him.”

“This shows that society still has ubuntu.”  

The thespian who is a father and a husband in real life says he can’t imagine going through the same thing as his character on the telenovela.   

“I can’t imagine myself going through the same thing.”

“I trust God with my marriage.”  

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Why is Mgedeza looking at the Child like this #DiepCityMzansi pic.twitter.com/x6W84gmbsd

— MZulu wa Limpopo (@KabeloMohlah02) February 17, 2022

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Noo maan Mgedeza makes me emotional this is bad #DiepCityMzansi pic.twitter.com/JHwOksmo5X

— MZulu wa Limpopo (@KabeloMohlah02) February 17, 2022

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