Plans underway to barricade Circle ECOMOG fire scene – Titus-Glover

The Greater Accra Regional Minister, Daniel Nii Kwartei Titus-Glover, has announced plans to construct a wall around the ECOMOG fire scene to prevent encroachment and protect the area from further risk.

This comes after a devastating fire gutted the area on June 5, affecting a power tower and leaving many at risk.

During an inspection visit to the scene on Monday, June 24, the Regional Minister reaffirmed his commitment to ensuring the area’s safety and preventing the return of squatters.

Despite earlier warnings, some individuals had attempted to re-occupy the land, demarcating their foundations with charcoal.

Minister Titus-Glover emphasised the need to prioritize safety, stating that the risk to lives is too great to allow re-occupation.

He has vowed to secure funding to construct a perimeter wall around the entire area, from beginning to end, to prevent further encroachment and protect the site from future risks.

The move is seen as a positive step towards ensuring public safety and preventing similar incidents in the future.

“This morning I came to inspect the work that has been done. On the 5th of June, a fire guttered this place and it affected one of the lines so on the 6th, I came to see things for myself. The point is that at the risk, the peril of their lives, these guys living around, is not best. So I told them everybody should not come back, they thought I was joking.”

“We’ve cleared all the foundations they had there. They wanted to come back, you could see on the ground that they had demarcated with charcoal. So just to ascertain for myself what has been done with my operational team to assure the people in the region that I’m really on the job to make sure that people don’t risk their lives.

“We need to look for money and wall here from the beginning to the end so that we can protect this place.”



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