Photos: FDC’s Amuriat Arrested In Gulu, Campaign Meeting Dispersed

Opposition Forum for Democratic Change’s (FDC) Presidential Flag bearer Patrick Oboi Amuriat has this afternoon been detained by Police in Gulu for breaching campaign guidelines.

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Amuriat who yesterday also saw his Kitgum campaign meeting disbanded was expected today Tuesday November 18, 2020, to hold a campaign meeting at Were playground according to the harmonized Electoral Commission (EC) programme.

Amuriat demanded to access Were playground

However, upon stepping foot in Gulu, he was ordered by Police’s Operations Commander a one John Paul Nyakol to disperse but a defiant Amuriat pressed security to explain circumstances that led to their sudden change of mind.

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A visibly angered Amuriat then stormed the playground accompanied by supporters which prompted Police to fire tear gas.

A stalemate then ensued with Amuriat insisting on accessing his vehicle which had been blockaded by security in fear that a goose chase similar to yesterday’s might occur.

Thereafter, he was grabbed and dragged to a waiting Police van which whisked him to Gulu Main Police Station.

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Residents observe a teargas canister

By the time of filing this story he was still in detention.

Yesterday, Amuriat was stopped from holding a campaign meeting in Kitgum on grounds that his supporters would clash with those of President Yoweri Museveni who was in town.



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