Pennsylvania Supreme Court to review appeal Trump over thousands of votes

Pennsylvania Supreme Court to review appeal Trump about thousands of votes Image: Gage Skidmore / Flickr

Nov 18 (Reuters) – The Supreme Court of the US State of Pennsylvania said today that it will consider appeal from the president’s campaign Donald Trump contesting thousands of votes sent by mail in Philadelphia that did not contain information on the envelopes.

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A lower court ruled on Friday against the electoral team of Trump, which sought to invalidate 8,329 ballots in Philadelphia, the largest city in the state, because the envelopes lacked information such as printed names, dates or addresses.

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The campaign did not claim that the ballots were fraudulent. President-elect Joe Biden won in Pennsylvania by an advantage of about 82,000 votes, according to Edison Research.

A Pennsylvania Supreme Court decision would likely affect the statewide vote, although the number is unclear.

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In a separate case likely to be affected by a Supreme Court decision, Nicole Ziccarelli, a Republican candidate for the state Senate, said in court documents that she sought to invalidate 2,349 ballots in Allegheny County, which includes Pittsburgh, because of a lack of dates in the United States. envelopes.

The team of Trump has opened several lawsuits seeking to overturn the Pennsylvania election result, which will be vital if the president hopes to succeed in his attempt to reverse the election. The president has claimed, without showing evidence, that the election was stolen, but his team has won no significant victory in the courts.

Source: Pennsylvania Supreme Court to review appeal Trump over thousands of votes