Pastor Sempa Dishes on Winnie Nwagi’s Persona, Dress Code

City Pastor, Martin Sempa, has come out to criticize singer Winnie Nwagi’s behavior as concerns dress code, referring it to “a representation of what goes wrong in our society especially in Uganda.”

Sempa voiced his comments during his appearance on NBS Uncut program where he was hosted to discuss the dress code of Ugandan celebrities, a topic triggered by Winnie Nwagi’s recent Instagram posts that seemed too revealing.

With numerous people in the media talking about her “improper” dress code, Nwagi waved off the criticism responding bluntly in an Instagram post, “Keep your endorsements darling, I am gonna be me regardless.”

However, irrespective of Nwagi’s post, Pastor Sempa said that his problem with Nwagi started when she went to St. Mary’s College Kisubi and danced with some of the boys who were underage.

One of the photos Winnie Nwagi posted on her Instagram.

According to Sempa, this was reason enough to imprison her.

He added that in 2004, he asked the Uganda Communications Commission to set up a board to censor and control the “content of the likes of Nwagi, however, they have not done so and that’s why she remains a problem.”

According to Sempa, her dressing style attracts all sorts of boys and men, even married ones, and this causes them to sin against their marital vows.

Her kind of dressing, he added, also encourages women and girls to dress the same, which is not a good example.

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