Partnership between FG, Govs’ wives can end terrorism in Nigeria — ERPWDI

Partnership between FG, Govs’ wives can end terrorism in Nigeria — ERPWDI

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By: Abayomi Adeshida, Abuja

An appeal has gone to the Federal Government to pay more attention to the coordination of the pet projects of wives of Governors across the country and provide support to those that could make, more Nigerians gain more access to the dividends of democracy because of their relevance to solving the problems of terrorism, insurgency, banditry, kidnapping as well as many anti-social vices, irrespective of the party affiliation of the spouses of the founders of such projects.

The President Equal Rights for Persons With Disabilities International Incorporation, Chief Eric Ufom who stated this in a statement he dispatched from Houston, Texas maintained in the document that until this is done, political leaders in the country might continue to make motions without any movement in the quest for an end to the myriads of problems that have continued to prevent the development of the country.

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In the statement which he made available to the media over the weekend, Chief Ufom maintained that, “lack of coordination from the centre has caused many of the pet projects that were initiated by the wives of state governors to fail woefully.

“But if there is a deliberate policy by the Federal Government to provide the needed support. many of these projects which are actually beautiful on paper would have done more for the people in the grassroots where these women are well respected as role models.

“These wives of the governors are closer to the people and they are the best people to alleviate poverty among the people and identify raw talents who can do better in many areas.

“Unfortunately, they lack Constitutional roles, so, they are never given the opportunity to embark on mega projects because their resources are hardly adequate to cover their own immediate environment,

“The Federal Government can therefore work with them through the Ministry of Women Affairs or the Ministry of Special Duties to pick some of the ideas of these projects that can be propagated in other parts of the country and even achieve better results.

“Having been involved with many of these hard-working women over the years, we believe that the current pet projects by the Wife of Plateau State Governor, Mrs Regina Bako Lalong; Wife of Anambra State Governor, Dr. (Mrs.) Ebelechukwu Obiaono and the Wife of Benue State Governor, Dr. (Mrs.) Ortom is veritable ideas by three women who are united in their outstanding demonstration of love for the ordinary people.

“We are making this mention of their works because of the similarities in the manner they localize their projects within their States with the effects of their projects adaptable nationwide.

“These women are working hard to make an impact through the domestication of a new Rural Development Paradigm and the inclusion and sustainable new community model inspired by the Saemaul Undong model.

“This model pays adequate attention to the problems of disability and women inclusiveness, 21st century’s revolutionary grassroots, community-based village movement, digital economic developments, entrepreneurship, science, technology, engineering and Mathematics.

“It also pays attention to training in the areas of computer coding and robotics starting from kindergarten, primary, secondary and continued education schools, including higher institutions, States Sillicon Valley, Innovation and Technology.

“Since 1960 history of Nigeria, these women were the first set to embark on such high-level 21st Century’s excellent visions, missions and goals which would have made Nigeria be better prepared for a successful response to the problems of COVID-19 as well as the post-COVID-19 economic recoveries if given very strong support by the Federal Government.

“Their visions are the pathways to the solutions that shall help Nigeria to successfully address many community-based problems and solve many irreconcilable disputes among communities, leading to unity, peace and progress in places where the ideas are well propagated like a culture among the people.

“Their visions will help Nigeria to start addressing many problems that have hindered development, thereby open a floodgate to a reduction in the incidences of terrorism, insurgency, banditry, kidnapping as well as many anti-social vices that make people unsafe in the country.

“We are of the view therefore that if the Federal Government should partner with these great women, the results of their efforts would be felt nationwide and the dividends of democracy would get to a higher number of people in the country,” the document read.

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