June 24, 2021


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Parliament Blocks Purchase of Radios for Homeschooling

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Parliament has finally rejected the purchase of radios to school going children who are still locked down at home due to Covid19.

Government through the ministry of education and sport wanted to spend Shs336Bn on the purchase of radios for learners.

However, in a report of the budget committee read to parliament by Ntenjeru north Amos Lugolobi said the manufacturing of the proposed 9 million radios is behind schedule for immediate procurement of these radios.

Aruu County South Mp Samuel Odonga Otto said this project was not a wise idea adding that even radio distribution would not be done like what happened on face masks which are not seen in most of the parts of the country yet its fund was released.

Bugabula South Mp Henry Kibalya said that he could not allow government to engage in buying house hold items and noted that this deal could have been fronted by “mafias“ to take the public funds.

On his part, minister for higher education J.C Muyingo said that though parliament has refused to clear funds for radios, there should be a plan to help the children to learn while at home in the covid lockdown.

Meanwhile parliament has cleared the borrowing of 6.6 trillion shillings to finance a budget deficit for the financial year 2020/21 .

Out of the 6.6 trillion shillings 4.3 trillion shillings will be through domestic borrowing.

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