Pan Africanist Serwaa Ampaafo fires Oman FM’s Oheneba Ntim Barima for attacking Twene Jonas

Twene Jonas aged between 26 – 30 is arguably the most popular Ghanaian on the internet as we speak.

He has relocated to the United States of America and is well-known for trolling Ghana, especially the leaders and has an opinion on almost everything which he calls ‘his truth!’.

In the eyes of Twene Jonas, Ghanaian leaders are just lazy, dumb in thinking, hence the country’s inability to develop despite having all the needed resources.

To Jonas, Ghana, when compared to the United States of America is nothing but a farm, whiles U.S.A is the true Heaven God probably talked about in the Bible.

It’s at the back of this that Oheneba Ntim Barima lashed out at Twene Jonas for spitting out trash but labels it as hardcore truth. According to Oheneba Ntim Barima in the studios of Accra-based Oman FM, Twene Jonas should stop mimicking the land of his birth – Ghana.

But it seems Oheneba Ntim Barima got it wrong in the eyes of Serwaa Ampaafo who happens to be a Pan African writer who has the progress of Ghana at heart.

Serwaa Ampaafo reacting to Oman FM’s Oheneba Ntim Barima’s critique in a post on Facebook admonished Oheneba to keep his mouth shut if he feels irritated by Twene Jonas’ hardcore truths. She posted below;

“How does someone’s online activity especially when they are not breaking any laws even concern you to the point that you dedicate a whole air time on radio for its disscusion? Is it that this station has nothing noteworthy to serve their listeners or what?

“Jonas claims to be living in heaven, buys his data or whatever medium then uses his social media accounts to propagate his message while providing evidences to support his claims.

“The best any sane person would do if they do not agree with him is to unfollow or block him outright. If he has 5000 followers and all decide to block him, he’ll end up talking to himself which probably might be his aim.

“Some of us are too stup!d and sometimes I wonder what they eat; So stup!d they do not even know how to use social media.

“The very people they do not like thus share no interest with are the ones they follow.

Which sane person uses their their time and money to cause their own headache like this?


Screenshot below:

Serwaa Ampaafo fires Oheneba for attacking Twene Jonas

Find below one of Twene Jonas’s social media commentary bashing the corrupt leaders we have in Ghana:

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