Opuni’s case: Reconsider decision to change new panel – Group to Supreme Court

A group known as Lawyers in Search of Democracy (LINSOD) has expressed serious concerns about the alterations in the panel for the appeal case involving Dr Stephen Kwabena Opuni, the former Chief Executive of the Ghana Cocoa Board.

They are urging the Supreme Court to rethink its decision to modify the original panel in the appeal case.

The Office of the Attorney-General and Ministry of Justice has refuted reports that the Chief Justice violated Article 157(3) of the 1992 Constitution with the panel changes, in a recent release.

In a statement issued on Tuesday, May 14, the group urged the Supreme Court to revisit the case and restore the original panel to conclude the trial.

“We have noticed the change of the panel with grave concern. We have also noticed the public outrage at the change of the panel, which was reasonably and lawfully expected to continue with the hearing of the appeal and deliver its judgment of same.

“We think there is plenty of time for the Supreme Court to reconsider the decision to change the original panel in the appeal. We are aware that the Court has already given a date for judgment, but we believe that if it shall bring fairness and greater justice to all without question, the Court must nevertheless recall the case and reinstate the original panel to continue the trial to end.

“It is our hope that the Court shall respectfully give the due attention to our concern and act in a manner that shall encourage us to provide more feedback to it in the advancement of true rule of law and democracy in Ghana.”

Click here to read the statement by LINSOD

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