Only in South Ahhh: Maphorisa uses a $100 bill to crush his weed [watch]

When DJ Maphorisa isn’t doing dance challenges or showering Thuli Phongolo with large wads of cash, he is evidently doing weird flexes. In a video shared online, the musician shows off his vast wealth by crushing weed on a $100 bill. The weird video has been doing its rounds on social media users and many of them just can’t deal.

DJ Maphorisa shows off wealth by crushing weed on a $100 bill

For many people, money is a very scarce commodity. This is why they wouldn’t dream of misusing or wasting it. For artists such as DJ Maphorisa, however, money is a way of showing off and bragging.

He proved that this is absolutely the case after he was recorded crushing his weed on a $100 bill. The amount may not seem all that to those that have money. For many locals, $100 which is R1 562,70, is what they use to buy monthly groceries.

Even though is not much, for many it’s all they can actually afford.

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In the clip that was shared on Twitter by Musa Khawula, Maphorisa is surrounded by people who are shocked at how he is treating the money.

He seems to love the attention however and continued to make what he was doing very visible. The video appears to have been taken in a club.

DJ Maphorisa uses $100 to crush weed.

— Musa Khawula (@khawula_musa) January 6, 2022

Netizens are shook

While a lot of people are accustomed to seeing South African celebs showing off their wealth, the comment section was still quite full. Many people sadly wished that they could be as fortunate as Maphorisa.


“That’s R1 560….. Haaau Madumane Msunu wenja”

@501Blackstar501 said:

“Never mind the note check the quality of the weed.”

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