Only in Mzansi! Misspelled road sign has South Africans in stitches!

Contractors hired to paint a stop sign on a road in a Limpopo community had one job…but still managed to mess it up!

And with just four letters to paint – S-T-O-P – the painters managed to mix it all up!


A picture of a road in Lemondokop in the Mopani District, Limpopo was shared on a popular Facebook page.

But alas, there were no potholes, litter, or gravel that we’d typically expect on Mzansi streets. Instead, it was one major mess-up of a paint job – instead of “Stop”, the road sign read “Tsop”.

TSOP, in the name of love !

Lemondekop village, Mopani District in Limpopo Province.

Posted by Africa, this is why I live here on Tuesday, 2 August 2022


Needless to say, followers had a field day commenting on the dodgy road sign.

Many social media users were extremely amused…

Christelle Dewet: “Tsop is the opposite of ‘Tsek’”

Victor Kuznetsov: “There is a voetsek, so let it be a VOETSOP as well”

Lou Pistorius: “TSOP in the name of OLVE”

Vodi Suddes: “Must be in Cape Town. Tsop man!”

Others blamed everything from foreign labour to corruption to even the 33% pass rate in SA schools.

Sitali Amukena: ”I am sure this road was done by a Chinese company”

Zion Israel Davidson: “See the results of corruption. When you issue tenders to people not qualified!”

Sheilagh Marx: “The results of an education system where 31% means- Passed with distinction!”

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