One Injured in Students Fight at St Pauls’ Mutolere

Police in Kisoro is holding one suspect, a senior three Student at St. Pauls’ Mutolere Secondary School after he allegedly assaulted another student in Senior 4, following a night of drinking outside the school premis

The suspect in the case has been identified as Papius Turyagumanawe and the victim as Robert Nirinjiye.

The latter is currently admitted at Mbarara regional referral hospital, after taking a blow to the head.

Hygiene Byishia The school head teacher confirmed the incident that occurred over the weekend.

He explains that the school conducted its routine roll- call, only to discover that the said suspect (Turyagumanawe), the victim (Nirinjiye) and five other boys escaped from school to drink Alcohol.

Byishia believes, upon their return to school, the drunk group began to fight resulting in the injury of one Nirinjiye.

“It is tragic what happened to our student, we do not condone such irresponsible behaviour of fighting, escaping from school and drinking alcohol, Byishia explained.

He further explains that the school decided to take the injured student to St. Francis Hospital Mutolere for further management while the offender, was taken to Kisoro Police station.

“We would like to assure our parents that the school is operating normally. As the school administration, we decided to hand the matter over to Police because Assault is beyond the school regulations”, Byishia said

St. Pauls’ Mutolere Secondary School, an all-boys secondary school is synonymous for educating prominent Ugandan leaders as well as having a poor track record on enforcing discipline.

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