‘One Bullet, One Pitbull’: ANC politicians share SHOCK poster


There is uproar amongst ANC structures in Free State, after members of the Youth League’s Pando Tladi Branch made a shocking call to arms. The political group produced a poster, encouraging the KILLING of all Pitbulls in SA. This was done under the banner of ‘One Bullet, One Pitbull’.

‘One Bullet, One Pitbull’ poster causes controversy

The dog breed has been the subject of intense scrutiny recently, after a spate of Pitbull attacks hit the headlines. The ANCYL Branch in question have asked community members to ‘find creative ways of eliminating’ these canines, if they are not returned to the SPCA.

“We encourage all breed owners to surrender their dogs to the SPCA, to promote a free and safe community environment. In case of non-cooperation, we encourage the community to find creative ways of eliminating these dogs. We support a total ban on breeding Pitbulls.” | ANCYL Pando Tladi Branch

Photo: Facebook

ANCYL officials distance from local branch poster

The branch, however, has been reprimanded by it superiors. An official statement from the Free State Branch of the Free State ANC Youth League has condemned both the poster and the slogan, rejecting the suggestion of violence against either Pitbulls or their owners.

“The ANCYL does not support the killing of animals or any violence. Our only message to the community is that they hand over dogs that they are unable to take care of because they are a threat to society. We will work with the SPCA as far as these processes are concerned.” | Free State ANCYL

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