On This Day: What happened on 26 January?

Here’s a look at what happened on this day, 26 January, throughout history. We remember the news, events, and people that influenced the course of history forever.


2015 | Eleven people were killed and 21 injured in Spain when a plane crashed at a Los Llanos airport in Albacete.

2001 | A magnitude 7.7 earthquake in Gujarat shook Western India with a maximum Mercalli intensity of X (Extreme), 13 805-20 023 were killed and about 166 800 injured.

1942 | The first US expeditionary force to land in Europe during World War II arrived in Ireland.

1788 | On this day, Arthur Phillip sailed to Sydney Cove (currently) with a cargo of prisoners, hoisted the British flag, and established Europe’s first permanent settlement on the Australian continent.

1972 | The JAT Fight 367 was destroyed by a terrorist bomb, 27 of the 28 people were killed. Flight attendant Vesna VuloviĿ survived with serious injuries.


1996 | American author and academic, Harold Brodkey, 66.

1979 | American businessman and politician, 41st Vice President of the United States, Nelson Rockefeller, 71.

1795 | German harpsichord player and composer, Johann Christoph Friedrich Bach, 63.

2000 | Canadian-American author, A. E. Van Vogt, 88.

1567 | British courtier and diplomat, Nicholas Wotton, 70.

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1986 | American basketball player, Gerald Green.

1958 | American comedian, actress, and talk show host, Ellen DeGeneres.

1943 | Venezuelan baseball player and manager, César Gutiérrez, died at age of 62. 

1852 | Italian-French explorer, Pierre Savorgnan de Brazza, died at age of 53.

1949 | Jonathan Carroll, American author


2000 | On this day, China matched what was then the pinnacle of victory in international football, beating Guam 19-0. 


2018  | In the United States, the film directed by an American film director, Wes Ball “Maze Runner: The Death Cure” was released on this day.


Vredefort Crete in South Africa is the largest certified creator of the Earth. This crater was created when an asteroid hit the Earth nearly two billion years ago.