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On This Day: What happened on 24 January?

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Here’s a look at what happened on this day, 24 January, throughout history. We remember the news, events, and people that influenced the course of history forever.


2011 | On this day, Officials confirmed that at least 35 people killed and 180 others injured in a bomb attack at Moscow’s Domodedovo airport.  

2003 | On this day nineteen years ago,  the Department of Homeland Security of the U.S began operations. Its creation marked the greatest stage of reorganisation by the federal government in the five decades since the creation of the Department of Defence after the Second World War.

1989 | Notorious serial killer Ted Bundy, with more than 30 known victims, was executed by an electric chair at Florida State Prison.

1946 | The UN General Assembly approved its first resolution to create a United Nations Atomic Energy Commission.


2010 | American actor, Pernell Roberts, 82.

2007 | Ecuadorian academic and politician,  Guadalupe Larriva

2017 American drummer, Butch Trucks, 70.

Ogasaswap Cross Chain Dex

1988 | German-Danish mathematician and academic, Werner Fenchel, 83.

2019 | American pilot, Captain Rosemary Bryant Mariner, 66.

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1968 | Spanish cyclist, Fernando Escartín.

1930 | Iranian-Persian painter and academic, Mahmoud Farshchian.

1944 | American science fiction screenwriter and author, David Gerrold.

1975 | Swiss triathlonist, Reto Hug.

1961 | German-American actress and producer, Nastassja Kinski.


1912 | Wolves’ second-biggest FA Cup victory was recorded on this day against Watford on 24th January 1912, knocking out a non-league team 10-0 in a first-round replay.


2011 | The film named “The sound of my voice” shot in California was released in the United States.


During the Rwandan genocide in which 800 000 people were killed, an unofficial militia group called Interhamwe (co-attackers) was formed after being encouraged by the president’s bodyguards.

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