Nvidia GeForce Now arrives on the iPhone and will have Fortnite via streaming

Via webapp, GeForce Now circumvents Apple’s restriction on streaming apps and lets Fortnite and other games run

Fortnite back to appliances iOS, at least indirectly, thanks to the GeForce Now, from Nvidia. With a new update, the game streaming service now allows to run on Apple devices without the need for an application, via Safari browser. This leaves not only the PC version of Fortnite work on devices, but also on dozens of other games.

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GeForce Now via webapp is already available in beta format, that is, limited, for registered users on the platform. The format is not exactly new, as it is something that Microsoft mentioned a few weeks ago, planning to launch xCloud also on iPhones, in the same format.

In addition, Amazon Luna, which is still being tested in the US, was launched in a similar way, with webapp for all platforms, including Apple’s.

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At first, Apple wouldn’t allow streaming apps to be sold or released for free on the App Store. Then the company said it could launch apps of this type, but that each game offered on the platforms would have to be submitted separately and paying a 30% commission fee, each. This would make the operation impracticable.

However, there is no rule that prevents the operation through browsers, especially mobile browsers. Thus, companies seek this type of solution, to make the business feasible and expand the operation.

Fortnite outside iOS

For those who don’t remember, Fortnite was removed from the App Store and Google Play a few months ago, following a major legal fight between Apple and Epic Games. It all started when Epic challenged Apple’s payment system, offering to purchase V-Bucks, the game’s currency, through an external website, without going through the 30% fee.

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The problem is that this is a practice not allowed by Apple, which led to Fortnite to be removed after a series of controversies. The game also left the Android store, but can still be downloaded to this platform on the official website or by other stores, such as on Samsung devices.

Now, with GeForce Now via webapp, it is possible to play again Fortnite smoothly on Apple systems and also makes it easy to use on Android devices.

With information: The Verge.

Source: Nvidia GeForce Now arrives on the iPhone and will have Fortnite via streaming