Ntuthuko Shoba’s application for leave to appeal rejected

Ntuthuko Shoba, the convicted mastermind in the senseless murder of his pregnant girlfriend Tshegofatso Pule, can just forget about the reduction of his sentence.


This after the convicted murderer’s application for leave to appeal his conviction and sentence was denied on Monday, 28 November.

Shoba, who orchestrated the murder of Tshegofatso filed the application to overturn his murder conviction in the Johannesburg High Court last Friday, 25 November.

However, Judge Stuart Wilson rejected the application citing insufficient grounds to grant the appeal.

“There is no sufficient compelling ground to grant the appeal, to do so would be no more than an exercise in judicial vanity, and that would lengthen the dull-dragging agony that these proceedings have no doubt imposed in Ms Pule’s family and friends. No substantial arguments on the prospects of appeal against sentence was directed to me.”

Judge Wilson

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Judge Wilson also alluded to Shoba’s lawyer that he made no mistake in the sentence given to Shoba.

“I put to Mr Barnard if I was right to convict Mr Shoba I must’ve been right to sentence him as I did,” he said, rejecting the application.


Shoba is currently serving life imprisonment after he was proven guilty by the Johannesburg High Court in July.

The conviction came as a result of his friend Muzikayise Malephane who turned State Witness after being arrested for the murder in 2020.

Slain Tshegofatso Pule who was eight months pregnant. Photo: Photo: Vim Buzz.


Malephane was hired by Shoba to murder his eight-month-pregnant girlfriend. After a number of failed attempts, Tshegofatso was picked up by Malephane at Shoba’s residence in Florida, Roodepoort and proceeded to shoot her before hanging her from a tree in Durban Deep.

For speaking out, Malephane was sentenced to 20 years in prison, a lenient sentence compared to life he so deserved.

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