NSSF probe starts work, focus expected to be on Amongi letter

Minister Amongi to face fire from MPs

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | Parliament has started its investigation into the corporate governance structures of the National Social Security Fund (NSSF).

The Members of Parliament (MPs) will not only examine the circumstances surrounding the appointment of the fund’s managing director Richard Byarugaba, but also evaluate the status and safety of the savers’ money.

The decision to conduct a month-long investigation on NSSF affairs came after Gender Minster Betty Amongi failed to explain to Parliament circumstances under which she reappointed Deputy NSSF Managing Director Patrick Ayota and deferred Byarugaba’s.

Amongi is expected to appear before the probe committee to also explain her controversial letter to NSSF’s board of directors, pressuring Byarugaba to set aside Shs 6bn to conduct projects she had earmarked for her ministry, including activities which were already being carried out by the Fund.

Also expected on the table will be inquiries into circumstances under which Minister Amongi asked the NSSF board to inject a staggering Shs 40bn of savers’ money into the operations of the Grain Council of Uganda.

Amongi said the idea came from the Chief Coordinator of Operation Wealth Creation (OWC), Gen Salim Saleh and that it had to be endorsed and executed by NSSF. It remains unclear if Saleh was indeed involved in the deal.

The move, legal experts and a workers’ representative warned, smirks of possible conflict of interest and could lead to protests from workers.

During a recent plenary session, Amongi tried to distance herself from the letter to the board but the Speaker of Parliament reminded Amongi that the Minister had actually given her a copy of the same.

MPs are also expected to probe why Amongi had defied the reported directives from the president and Prime Minister on the appointment of Byarugaba.

The probe committee will will also interrogate claims of corruption and theft of savers’ money by a staff member.

The NSSF probe report should be ready in one month’s time, as directed by Deputy Speaker Thomas Tayebwa.



Amongi’s hand on NSSF money


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