NRM Supporters Teargassed while Campaigning on Fort Portal – Kasese Highway

Police in Bunyangabu District was yesterday forced to tear gas National Resistance Movement (NRM) supporters who were found campaigning at Ruboona town on the busy Fort Portal- Kasese Highway.

This followed Patrick Oboi Amuriat’s refusal to vacate the area until his arch rivals who were holding an illegal public assembly were dispersed.

At the time of the incident, Amuriat was on his way to Bunyangabu following early morning scuffles at Ruteete and Bukwali Trading Centers where he encountered Minister Peace Mutuuzo’s supporters jubilating on the road side.

Upon seeing them, Amuriat signaled his convoy to stop and they started playing his campaign song next to the NRM camp.

Before long, counter-terrorism officers swung in action, attempting to sweet talk Amuriat into proceeding with his journey but he remained steadfast urging Police to give his opponents a portion of his “daily dose”.

Caught between a rock and a hard place, the officers retreated some few inches and watched on as both sides taunted each other, blocking traffic.

Amuriat flexing muscles with Police on his way to Kasenda Sub County on Tuesday.

However, after a ten minute lull, Police responded first by tear gassing FDC supporters following a scuffle between the Party’s National Field Coordinator Roland Kaginda Mugume and an unnamed NRM official.

Realizing that Amuriat was not moved, they turned their guns on the ruling party adherents.

This is not the first time NRM supporters are being tear gassed at Amuriat’s behest. Nearly two weeks ago, ruling party supporters in Bubuulo, Manafwa District were ‘dosed’ after Amuriat, who was running away from security, sought refuge at their function.


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