NRM Leaders Seek Museveni’s Intervention in Clearing Senfuka’s Cancer & Diabetes Drug

National Resistance Movement (NRM) leaders from Kampala and Wakiso District have called upon President Yoweri Museveni to intervene in the process of certifying Mr. David Senfuka’s herbal formula for cancer and diabetes which they say has delayed compared to other earlier innovations.

Senfuka’s herbal medicine for treatment of cancer and diabetes is still undergoing clinical trials.

The innovator recently suspended its introduction to new patients saying his life was being threatened by some government officials who didn’t want the drug cleared.

He pointed out that these officials didn’t stop at delaying the trial process but used various media platforms to defame him among members of the public, tarnishing his reputation.

During a meeting held in Kampala, the NRM leaders were joined by other officials from Democratic Party (DP), Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) and other Political parties who expressed concern that Senfuka’s earlier decision of suspending treatment is a big threat to lives of very many Ugandans who can’t fly for treatment.

“We know our President as a listening person who has been able to overcome and defeat a number of challenges that have tried to interfere with his leadership. Among these is the Covid-19 pandemic which claimed many lives of people worldwide but with his guidance, Uganda managed to overcome it,” Buchana Justine NRM Chairperson for Rubaga said.

She pointed out that once the President issues directives to those delaying the certification process, the matter will be resolved in the shortest time possible as it was the case on covidex.

Muwanga Lutaaya, the NRM spokesperson for Wakiso District, said that on issues regarding health, the leaders are ready to put aside their political differences to ensure that Ugandans get the required medical attention.

“We are here with our opponents in the political game because issues of health don’t first ask you the political party you belong to. We heard that Senfuka is planning to take his innovations to other countries. If this is true, we should come out and ensure that it doesn’t happen because it will deny us that pride since it will no longer be referred to as a Ugandan innovation,” Lutaaya said.

The leaders applauded scientists like Prof Patrick Ogwang, the covidex innovator and the late Dr. Ssali for having done research on remedies which are being used by a number of Ugandans to get relief.

In his press briefing held in Kampala, Senfuka promised to revive treatment once he has received assurance from the government that his innovations are safe and they will be subjected to a fair trial process.


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