NRM Central Youth Coordinator Quits  Party 


Sserubiri Frank, the National Resistance Movement (NRM) youth coordinator for Central Region has quit the party citing squabbles with fellow leaders of the party.
Sserubiri, who says he has served the party for all his youth days told reporters yesterday that he failed to agree with colleagues on how to grow and expand the NRM in the region.
 He also said he had not been treated fairly and his family by the party leadership despite the sacrifices they made for it.
“My father Patrick Sserubiri from Gomba district participated in the war which brought NRM to power but up to now he has never been compensated for what he contributed during this struggle.”
Yet on the other hand, he says, new entrants to the party are awarded heavily and praised.
Sserubiri says he has met President Museveni the party chairman on several occasions but whenever he tried to seek audience again to report back the current situation on the ground he was blocked.
As such he said he decided to quit the party for good.
“I have no decided upon which party i will be joining but the truth is that I have left NRM,” he said.
Rogers Mulindwa the NRM spokesperson in response however, asked aggrieved party members to channel their grievances through the laid out party hierarchy before rushing to seek audience from the President.
“In case he has any output he wants to be included in the party constitution concerning the leadership or the party primaries he should bring it forward for consideration.”
On the issue of not being compensated for the items they lost during the war ,Mulindwa advised those complaining to address their issues to Ministry of Veteran Affairs which was put in place to handle all their grievances.
Mulindwa ended by calling upon all members to work towards developing their party instead of aiming at meeting the president and sourcing for material gains .

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