October 28, 2021


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‘Not ugly, just dark’: Thuli & Maphorisa rumours spark colourism concerns

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Whilst discussing the romance rumours of actress Thuli Phongolo and DJ Maphorisa, Tweeps got into a heated conversation surrounding colourism in South Africa.


After a video of Thuli Phongolo and DJ Maphorisa getting cozy at a gig went viral, the actress began to trend on Twitter. This led to more videos of the pair being shared. In one of the videos Thuli is seen twerking on the DJ which further fuelled romance rumours.

Aowa guys Thuli was be honest about what’s happening between him and Maphorisa, open space mogurl pic.twitter.com/h134CQd6YY

— Call me Thabo (@Callmethaboo2nd) October 12, 2021

Following the viral videos, Tweeps got into a conversation about whether they think the pair are dating or not. The conversation quickly spiraled out of control as some Tweeps were angry at the colourist remarks other Tweeps made about DJ Maphorisa. The Twitter users implied that the Lorch hitmaker did not deserve thuli because she is light skin and he is not. 

It seems most tweets about Maphorisa’s skin colour have been deleted since others stood up for him.

Mara phori is more than a bit dark

— Conallo (@Conallo3) October 13, 2021

While another Tweep seemingly attempted to defend the DJ, she said that “he’s not ugly he’s just dark skinned,” which further fuels the conversation surrounding colourism.

Been saying, They should give Phori some credit that guy is a vibe and he’s not ugly he’s just dark skinned and Thuli is an independent woman so I doubt she’s dating Phori for money

— Umntana ka Ma (@Spokesperson0) October 14, 2021

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While certain Tweeps were slamming the Midnight Starring hitmaker, others were less tolerant of the colourism.

I’m glad this Phori and Thuli scene revealed the colourism blindsided for many years.

Dating a light skin person is not a reward, and being dark skin is not the absence of beauty. #Colourismmustfall

— Itumeleng M (@Itumelanin) October 14, 2021

I thought maybe I’m the one doesn’t look at him nicely? Went to his profile again and checked. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with phori where looks and skin color is concerned he’s good, but I guess tall, dark good looking is only good enough in novels but not real life https://t.co/VHx52vk6oU

— Indileni (@IndiraNelago) October 13, 2021

The chat on Twitter SA. So light skin people there feel like Phori couldn’t possibly be dating Thuli P because he’s ugly but honestly is he really ugly or do people just associate dark skin with ugliness? Phori really isn’t bad looking at all

— Indileni (@IndiraNelago) October 13, 2021

Another Tweep said that this was the same thing that was said about Dr Musa Mthombeni when he revealed he was engaged to former Miss South Africa Liesl Laurie.

This impression that Phori doesn’t deserve these beautiful women is weird man. And this is normally done by dark skinned gents…same was said about Dr Musa

— Inkosi inathi✞ (@nathinice__) October 14, 2021

This impression that Phori doesn’t deserve these beautiful women is weird man. And this is normally done to dark skinned gents.. same was said about Dr Musa,

— SITHALE (@SithaleKgaogelo) October 13, 2021

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These are not the first romance rumours made against the actress so she knew exactly how to handle it. She took to twitter in a series of tweets to slam the rumours and confirm that she is single. 

“Y’all stop, we’re not dating! I’m so done with you guys!,” she wrote in a tweet. 

Y’all stop, we’re not dating! I’m so done with you guys!

— Thulisile Phongolo (@Thuli_P) October 12, 2021

…and the truth remains, I’m single

— Thulisile Phongolo (@Thuli_P) October 12, 2021

However, celebrities often deny relationships at the beginning! Just like Orlando Pirates player Thembinkosi Lorch did with actress Natasha Thahane in the beginning! Here’s another viral clip of Thuli and DJ Maphorisa for you to decided whether they are romantically linked… or not.

They look so happy #Thuli wa Phori pic.twitter.com/qQkRzhlYvp

— Memme (@enhle_entle) October 13, 2021