‘Not luxurious’: MaKhumalo’s home disappoints ‘RHOD’ viewers [watch]

Reality TV show Real Housewives of Durban is all about the lives of KwaZulu-Natal’s rich and lavish. Makhumalo, one of KZN businessman Musa Mseleku’s wives, recently had her debut on the popular show. Unfortunately, it was quite underwhelming for viewers of the show who expressed that there is “nothing luxurious” about her life.

Some viewers have however come to her defense while trying to shut down those who were left unimpressed.

MaKhumalo Mseleku’s humble home gets a thumbs down from viewers

The reason why many people love watching the Real Housewives of Durban is to watch how the rich and fabulous behave in their natural habitats.

When Showmax announced that Thobile MaKhumalo Mseleku was joining the popular cast – that also features newcomers Londie London, Jojo Robinson – many people waited in excitement to see what she had in store for them.

It seems their excitement fell flat when they saw MaKhumalo’s Mzumbe homestead – a far cry from the suburban mansions the other housewives pride themselves in living in and decorating.

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Widespread division

After seeing the house for themselves, many felt it was a little lackluster and not a good match for the show that is all about glitz, glam, and showing off.

Taking to Twitter, one user, @lihlelelogmail1 wrote:

“I mean Thobiile doesn’t even have a house in the surbubs.”

@Ndzalie_P said:

“Mseleku better move Makhumalo to the estates or something, we honestly don’t wanna see yellow houses #realhousewivesofdurban”

Others, however, stood up for MaKhumalo who they say doesn’t need a beautiful home to feature on the popular reality TV series:

@sontoke said:

“Why is it an issue that MaKhumalo Mseleku will be showing us uMzumbe as her home? I know unekhaya in Durban but what’s wrong with uMzumbe, also if her house is no match than the other wives from #RHOD we love her still.”

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