‘No less than R50k’: Mel Viljoen reacts to Kiki ‘asking for money’


Businesswoman Mel Viljoen reacted to her “bestie” Kiki La Coco and her husband asking her for a hefty donation at a charity event, on the latest episode of the Real housewives van Pretoria.

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Kiki La Coco and her husband Malcolm sat down with Mel Viljoen and her friend at the charity event. The couple then ask Mel how much she will be donating.

“I’m so stupid that it never crossed my mind that they’d actually ask me for money. And.. I was ready for the moment though,” said Mel.

The Tammy Taylor Nails SA founder then went on to ask how much people usually give. Kiki then responded from R20 to R100 000. 

“Judging by the way you look in your expensive outfit you can’t give less than R50 000,” said Malcolm. 

“Not once could they tell me what it is, what it looks like, what they envision. They couldn’t account for one cent and how it’s going to work. I just hope the charity, paid partnerships and the like.. Don’t become a trend in the relationship,” said Mel. 

“Make me feel it’s only about the money and the friendship will be over instantly,” she continued.

Mel Viljoen throws shade at Kiki La Coco. Images via Instagram @kiki.lacoco.

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Kiki La Coco invited Mel Viljoen for a charity boxing match, where two ladies are boxing to raise money for the fight against Gender-Based Violence (GBV)

“The money we’ll be raising will be used to fight GBV. We, as FKN Army will be the main NPO distributing the money between Tasche and Angelique’s preferred organisations,” said Kiki.

Kiki went on to say that the point of a boxing match to fight GBV is to prove that it belongs in a boxing ring, not behind closed doors.

“It’s important that people know why Tasche and Angelique are fighting one another in the ring. It’s about GBV. And to make it a point that it belongs in a boxing ring, not behind closed doors,” said Kiki.

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